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Cherry Creek Little League Baseball

Cherry Creek Little League Baseball 050413 056Legacy Donates Roof to Cherry Creek Little League Baseball.Legacy Roofing management has been involved in Cherry Creek Little League Baseball since 1997. Owner and operator of Legacy Roofing served on the all star team competing with the most elite ball players at that time. Legacy’s name was established by the Echols family by Major League Ball Player, John Gresham Echols. Cherry Creek Little League is filled with great Presidents, Coaches, Parents, and of course star ball players! Please contact Legacy Roofing for your free inspection / estimate and again Thank You for the continued trust in Legacy Roofing.

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Legacy Roof Measurements

legacy roofing crewLegacy Roofing uses Precise Aerial Measurements from Eagleview that gives Legacy’s Team a cutting edge in the Re Roofing Industry here in Colorado. We use a satellite system in space that gives the exact measurements needed to provide our clients with free estimates. This measurements is new technology that insurance companies rely on to give exact Measurements. Much like Google Earth images, but with a lot more detailed information pertaining to your roof system. Legacy Roofing’s office has made it easy for clients to enter their own claim information in our calculator to give a good ballpark estimate of what a roof should cost. Our ideas and dedication to the storm damage industry has made us among the most elite team in Colorado. We are doing everything that most local competitor’s cannot comprehend. Our IT department works on the re roof industry for tomorrow, therefor have the cutting edge in today’s world. Most Colorado Roofing Companies want to send their “salesman” to get with you face to face so it’s hard for you to make the best choice during the re-roofing process

Legacy Roofing Process


Legacy Roofing: Roof Replacement Process Checklist

Client Agreement: Signing of the contingency agreement with Legacy Roofing, LLC representative establishing our working relationship should your claim be approved by your insurance company.
Call in Claim: Contact your insurance company to request that an adjuster come out to inspect your roof. If asked to provide a date of loss, (storm date) you may tell the insurance company that you have been informed of wind/ hail damage on your roof and would like an inspection but are unsure of the actual date of loss.
Adjustment information: Your Insurance Company will contact you regarding the date of inspection (known as the adjustment). We recommend that the homeowner be available at the time of adjustment, but it is not required.
Contact Legacy Representative: Please contact your Legacy Roofing representative with your adjustment date as soon as you receive this information. Your Legacy Roofing representative will meet with your adjuster to negotiate the claim on your behalf.
Adjustment: If the adjuster on your roof approves you for full roof replacement, they will produce a cost estimate that itemizes the amount that they will pay on your claim. This paperwork will accompany your first (ACV) check. Legacy Roofing will use this paperwork to be sure that all damage is accounted for in the claim and that they have produced accurate measurements and diagrams. Should your claim be denied, we can request a re-inspection and usually get positive results.
First Insurance Check: The first thing that you will receive is for Actual Cash Value of the existing roof, or “ACV”. If you are the only party named on the check, you may simply sign over the check to Legacy Roofing, and we can begin the process of ordering materials for your new roof. In most cases, however, your check will also name the mortgage company. If this is the case, DO NOT endorses the check. ?Instead, have your Legacy Roofing Representative overnight on your behalf to expedite Mortgage endorsement first! Legacy Roofing will provide all the necessary docs that mortgage companies require in their endorsement package. Contractor W-9’s, scope of work, estimates are examples of “some” of the docs mortgage requires before they endorse. MOST all mortgage lenders want to sit on your full ACV and dispense in thirds so they gain the benefit of interest on insurance company dollars. Legacy Roofing works for you as the homeowner that incurred the loss.
Contact Legacy for Pick Up:? Upon receiving your insurance check, contact your Legacy Roofing representative and he/ she will pick up your personal check in the same amount of your insurance proceeds made out to Legacy Roofing.
Materials Delivered: Once your check has been picked up, the necessary materials for your new roof will be purchased and you will be informed of the delivery date of those materials. The materials will be delivered directly to your rooftop where they will be stored out of the way until your roofing project is underway.
Scheduled Date to Begin Project: Our office will contact you when your project has been scheduled and inform you of the date in which the work will take place on your home. We ask that on the day/ days that your project is scheduled to take place, please keep all driveways and walkways cleared so that access to your roof will be available for our crews and their equipment. Usually the entire re-roofing process only takes one day.
Final Insurance Check: Upon completion of your project, Legacy Roofing will invoice your insurance company for the remaining cost of your roof replacement. This check will be for the recoverable depreciation value. This check will be the final check from the insurance company and as soon as you receive it, please contact your Legacy Roofing representative for pick up. You may also be responsible at this time, for you insurance deductible per the agreement you have made with Legacy Roofing. This will complete your roof replacement process.

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Online Roofing Estimates

re roofing coloradoLegacy Roofing uses our online roofing estimating tools to give you a basic ballpark of about how much Roof’s are in Colorado. Estimates vary from new build construction to tearing off, disposing, and then installing the new shingle type of your choice. Most Local Competitors will do everything to raise their profit margins to substantial amounts. Legacy Roofing Discounts are provided to those referred by a previous client or those just doing research for this summer exterior projects. Work we perform includes roofing, gutters, siding, windows, paint, and Much More! Please fill in the basic details of your project so we can give you an idea of the best options available to you. Thank You for choosing and trusting Legacy Roofing for Online Roofing Estimates! Legacy Roofing provides top quality roofing product suitable for any style of home. We have roofed Asphalt Shingles, Tile, Stone Coated Steel, Flat, Metal, and More! There are multiple manufacturers to choose from that offer the same exact property specs.
*Estimating Fields currently under Construction
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Free Roofing Estimates

free roofing estimates Legacy Roofing is Colorado’s Preferred Roofing Contractor that provides Free Roofing Estimates. Legacy Roofing has Installed over 600 Roof systems in Colorado. These roof systems range from Residential Roofing, Commercial Flat Roofs, HOA Communities, and New Build Construction. Our Roofing Estimates include detailed line items through Xactimate Software which is the same software program all major insurance companies use. Our knowledgable insurance claim experts include all necessary materials in our quotes & estimates.
Legacy Roofing Estimator’s
Legacy Roofing Estimator’s will include all exterior storm damage including siding, gutters, windows, and paint. These are detailed line items that explain the exact type of work being performed. Most estimates include new felt paper, step flashing, pipe jacks, vent system, and what type of new roofing products you prefer for a free roofing estimate.

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Tornado in Colorado 2012

Severe Thunderstorm Damage Colorado

tornados in colorado 2012There were severe Tornado Storm Warnings in Colorado during 2012 .The most effected areas were Parker, Lonetree, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Byers, Aurora, Littleton, and Greenwood Village. There were up to golf ball size hail that caused damage in the same location 3 years ago in June, 2009 South lands Tornado in Colorado. Legacy Roofing witnessed working with the same client base that trusted in us in 2009. 2012 Tornado damage caused by hail and wind caused sever damage to siding on houses in Parker. Legacy was responsible for replacing over 39% of the siding damage due to Tornados in 2012 .

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Byers Colorado Roofing Projects

how much should a new roof cost Byers, Colorado Roofing Projects are solely earned and won on previous clients experience with one of Legacy Roofing’s Insurance Claim Experts. Most current re roof projects are due to hail in June, 2012. Home Owners experienced damaged roof systems, siding, and gutter damage. Legacy Roofing in Byers Colorado are complete Claim Restoration Specialist. We have worked with all major insurance Adjuster rep’s and have built strong relationships which gives us the advantage of Byers, Co. Roofing Projects.

Roofing Pictures Colorado

Most popular roofing products in Colorado are Decra because of the consistent storm damage we receive in Colorado. Legacy has installed over 50 Decra Roof Systems that are lifetime systems and do allow discounts on home owners insurance.
roof damage from hail insurance claim

Commercial Apartment Claims

Legacy Roofing also specializes in working direct with HOA and Apartment Community’s in Byers Co. We have roofed townhomes, condominiums, storage buildings & more. Please contact Legacy Commercial side direct @ 720-541-5000 ext. 750. We will be happy to assist with any questions regarding insurance adjusters scope of work to meet city / county buildings roof codes.
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Hail and Wind Claim In Firestone, Co

Legacy Roofing is among the best to when it comes to having insurance adjusters approve / buy your hail and wind claim. We have our 17 years experience in roofing Colorado. Most Home Owners that a file a claim for hail and wind damage in Colorado do not have a contractor represent them. Legacy Roofing is familiar with the insurance language and often know exactly what the adjusters are looking for. When you have to file a roof claim in Firestone, call Legacy Roofing for a free estimate and inspection. Local Firestone Roofs are about 15 years old and are in need of replacement due to Hail and Wind Damage

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Insurance Claims

legacy roofing crewInsurance Claims in Colorado abide by your policy that cover protection against damages to a house and its contents. Insurance Claims in Colorado law does not require a consumer to purchase homeowners insurance, but if your home is financed, the mortgage company will require coverage to protect their interest in the property.
There are various kinds of insurance claims including homeowner, condominium, renters and auto. All of these provide property and liability coverage. The property coverage will insure against perils such as hail, wind, vandalism, and theft. The liability coverage protects you in the event someone other than the insured is injured on your property.
Keep in mind that the most homeowner policies will not insure code coverage. If you need to purchase code coverage insurance, contact your company representative. Your policy contract will explain all of the insured coverage’s and exclusions.
Legacy Roofing reads your policy limitations and make sure you have up to date building code coverage. Legacy Roofing can answer any questions about Insurance Claims in Colorado by contacting your Insurance Company or you may contact the Colorado Division of Insurance at 303-894-7499 or at [email protected]

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Steep Roofs

Steep Roofs are very popular in Higher End housing. Colorado has high snow load code and requires Steep Roof Systems that allow proper drainage to avoid snow build up. Lower pitch roofs are normally not even allowed for 2 layers of asphalt shingles because of the Snow Load Code in Colorado. Legacy Roofing ties off per OSHA standards on all steep re roofs in Denver. We are able to tear off, haul, and dispose of up to 40 squares of roofing in only 7 hours! Our work is guaranteed and always back by a 5 year workmanship warranty along with manufacturer warranties. Refer a friend for a $100.00 Steep Roofs Bonus!

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Roofers in Castle Rock

Legacy Roofers in Castle Rock installed over 67 roof systems in June and July 2012. There were a total of 79 totaled claims filed in Legacy’s office for hail & wind damage. A total of 43 roofs replaced in Castle Rock Colorado by Legacy were referred by friends, family, and neighbors. We at Legacy have found that most friendly neighbors like to work with the same Contract Roofer for all their projects. Legacy has been told by current clients that most roof competitors do like to work with friends of neighbors relating to the insurance estimates for roofers in Castle Rock. The reason being that Different Insurance Companies have different guidelines, therefor creating a different price tag on same project details. These details include how many layers, square feet, perimeter measurements. Should roofers in Castle Rock have the same exact price for roof replacement as the same exact roofer diagram? Legacy Roofing gives away referral money and guarantees same low priced roofing in Castle Rock for all neighbor referrals. We use the same estimating software as all major insurance companies which gives us the advantage of being the best roofers in Castle Rock, Co. We find multiple errors in insurance estimates that do not meet code requirements. Call Legacy for a free estimate on Roofers in Castle Rock.
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