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Apartment Building Roofing Systems

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Apartment and Condo

apartment roofing contractorsLegacy Roofing provides complete commercial contracting services for Apartment and Condo Complexes. We will give you a detailed and competitive bid for any and all of our services for your Apartment and Condo Complex. We also have extensive experience dealing with insurance agencies to make sure your company or Apartment and Condo Complex gets complete coverage of any and all damage due to hail, rain, water or other covered damages.
Most commercial Apartments and Condo require periodic maintenance and or repairs. We provide apartment properties with complete and thorough roofing inspections roofing repairs and roofing replacement.


If you are uncertain about taking on your own Apartment and Condo roof project and don’t know where to start Legacy Roofing can help you understand what it will take to get the job done. With the aid of this website and our company’s knowledge and dedication, we can tackle any Apartment and Condo project with ease.
Let us help you select the best roof type and superior roofing materials for your Apartment and condo or personal residence.

Whether your Apartment and Condo needs a new roof, a roof renovation, roof removal, or roof repairs, Legacy Roofing is ready to serve.

We have built our roofing company on a solid foundation of: professional expertise, value, customer satisfaction, and courtesy. What does this mean to you? Legacy roofers have demonstrated that they are highly skilled and careful. This means a job well done! Contact us today for your apartment and condo roofing needs.

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Legacy Roof Measurements

legacy roofing crewLegacy Roofing uses Precise Aerial Measurements from Eagleview that gives Legacy’s Team a cutting edge in the Re Roofing Industry here in Colorado. We use a satellite system in space that gives the exact measurements needed to provide our clients with free estimates. This measurements is new technology that insurance companies rely on to give exact Measurements. Much like Google Earth images, but with a lot more detailed information pertaining to your roof system. Legacy Roofing’s office has made it easy for clients to enter their own claim information in our calculator to give a good ballpark estimate of what a roof should cost. Our ideas and dedication to the storm damage industry has made us among the most elite team in Colorado. We are doing everything that most local competitor’s cannot comprehend. Our IT department works on the re roof industry for tomorrow, therefor have the cutting edge in today’s world. Most Colorado Roofing Companies want to send their “salesman” to get with you face to face so it’s hard for you to make the best choice during the re-roofing process

Legacy Roofing Process


Legacy Roofing: Roof Replacement Process Checklist

Client Agreement: Signing of the contingency agreement with Legacy Roofing, LLC representative establishing our working relationship should your claim be approved by your insurance company.
Call in Claim: Contact your insurance company to request that an adjuster come out to inspect your roof. If asked to provide a date of loss, (storm date) you may tell the insurance company that you have been informed of wind/ hail damage on your roof and would like an inspection but are unsure of the actual date of loss.
Adjustment information: Your Insurance Company will contact you regarding the date of inspection (known as the adjustment). We recommend that the homeowner be available at the time of adjustment, but it is not required.
Contact Legacy Representative: Please contact your Legacy Roofing representative with your adjustment date as soon as you receive this information. Your Legacy Roofing representative will meet with your adjuster to negotiate the claim on your behalf.
Adjustment: If the adjuster on your roof approves you for full roof replacement, they will produce a cost estimate that itemizes the amount that they will pay on your claim. This paperwork will accompany your first (ACV) check. Legacy Roofing will use this paperwork to be sure that all damage is accounted for in the claim and that they have produced accurate measurements and diagrams. Should your claim be denied, we can request a re-inspection and usually get positive results.
First Insurance Check: The first thing that you will receive is for Actual Cash Value of the existing roof, or “ACV”. If you are the only party named on the check, you may simply sign over the check to Legacy Roofing, and we can begin the process of ordering materials for your new roof. In most cases, however, your check will also name the mortgage company. If this is the case, DO NOT endorses the check. ?Instead, have your Legacy Roofing Representative overnight on your behalf to expedite Mortgage endorsement first! Legacy Roofing will provide all the necessary docs that mortgage companies require in their endorsement package. Contractor W-9’s, scope of work, estimates are examples of “some” of the docs mortgage requires before they endorse. MOST all mortgage lenders want to sit on your full ACV and dispense in thirds so they gain the benefit of interest on insurance company dollars. Legacy Roofing works for you as the homeowner that incurred the loss.
Contact Legacy for Pick Up:? Upon receiving your insurance check, contact your Legacy Roofing representative and he/ she will pick up your personal check in the same amount of your insurance proceeds made out to Legacy Roofing.
Materials Delivered: Once your check has been picked up, the necessary materials for your new roof will be purchased and you will be informed of the delivery date of those materials. The materials will be delivered directly to your rooftop where they will be stored out of the way until your roofing project is underway.
Scheduled Date to Begin Project: Our office will contact you when your project has been scheduled and inform you of the date in which the work will take place on your home. We ask that on the day/ days that your project is scheduled to take place, please keep all driveways and walkways cleared so that access to your roof will be available for our crews and their equipment. Usually the entire re-roofing process only takes one day.
Final Insurance Check: Upon completion of your project, Legacy Roofing will invoice your insurance company for the remaining cost of your roof replacement. This check will be for the recoverable depreciation value. This check will be the final check from the insurance company and as soon as you receive it, please contact your Legacy Roofing representative for pick up. You may also be responsible at this time, for you insurance deductible per the agreement you have made with Legacy Roofing. This will complete your roof replacement process.