Legacy Roofing Insurance Claim Experts suggest to protect your property immediately against further damage. Use tarps or other materials to cover broken windows and damaged rooftops. Keep the receipts of any materials/roofing services that you purchase to make these repairs so your adjuster can review them and reimburse you for expenses covered by your policy.

Will Insurance Pay for a New Roof

Roof damage may not be as obvious as you would suppose. The damage that occurs to your roof is less obvious and more insidious than it might seem. When an asphalt roof is struck with hail, the copper coated stone granules are removed. This is critical. These granules are the ONLY UV protection your roof has, without them you are exposed.
While the damage doesn’t appear severe, this constitutes damage to your roof. Even minor damage like this WILL cause your roof to age prematurely and needs to be replaced. This roof was paid for by a roofing insurance claim.

missing wood shake shingles, littleton co

Here is a wood shake roof that appears to be pretty severely damaged. Believe it or not, the insurance company did not want to pay to replace this roof. This is a good example of a time where it pays to have an expert on your side. The roof was fully paid for by insurance. Even small dents like these indicate that there was severe enough hail to damage the roof. Here you see very severe damage. Even while it may appear to be obvious, it can be helpful to have someone meet with your adjuster to ensure that all items are paid for fully so that every damaged item is replaced. If you do not appeal to the insurance company within 180 days typically, if you have damage that wasn’t found, you are out of luck. Knowing what constitutes damage is very important, as you can see here, these minor paint chips were caused by hail. While they might not look severe, they are indicative of much greater damage to the integrity of the paint and it has to be repainted to fix it. This paint was paid for by insurance. Having a knowledgeable Insurance Claims Expert to verify your adjuster’s scope of work is important. (We may offer to paint your home in these circumstances, but this is something you will work out with our representative based upon your needs.)

Roofing Insurance Claim

What is Replacement cost value?

Replacement Cost Value is the cost to repair the damaged item with an item of like kind and quality, without deduction for depreciation

What is depreciation?

Depreciation is the amount deducted from the replacement cost based upon the age and condition of the item being replaced.

What is actual cash value? (ACV)

Actual cash value is based on the cost to repair or replace the damaged item with an item of like kind and quality, less depreciation.
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Why is my insurance not buying my roof?

roof damage insurance claims
Insurance Companies are not buying roofs that are out of the storm damaged areas. Most Roofing Companies do not have a well proven training system. They believe by just playing the numbers and odds by sending uneducated “salesmen” out to soak up as many homeowners in any given Colorado subdivision. Legacy Roofing strives very hard to give all of our team the best education to convey to our clients. We have a thorough 2 week training program that covers everything from the history of Legacy, roof diagram / measurements, to understanding the specific building line item on every claim.

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Roof Damage Insurance Claim Tips in Colorado

A Roofing Insurance Claim in Colorado abides by your policy that covers protection against damages to a house and its contents. Roofing Insurance Claims in Colorado law does not require a consumer to purchase homeowners insurance, but if your home is financed, the mortgage company will require coverage to protect their interest in the property.
There are various kinds of insurance claims including homeowner, condominium, renters and auto. All of these provide property and liability coverage. The property coverage will insure against perils such as hail, wind, vandalism, and theft. The liability coverage protects you in the event someone other than the insured is injured on your property.
Keep in mind that the most homeowner policies will not insure code coverage. If you need to purchase code coverage insurance, contact your company representative. Your policy contract will explain all of the insured coverage’s and exclusions.
Legacy Roofing reads your policy limitations and make sure you have up to date building code coverage. Legacy Roofing can answer any questions about Insurance Claims in Colorado by contacting your Insurance Company or you may contact the Colorado Division of Insurance at 303-894-7499 or at insurance@dora.state.co.us.

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The man you sent to do the work was clean in appearance, considerate in his approach and tidy in his working practices. When it comes to roofing only time will tell but I think I have good reason to believe that the quality of his work matches his other good qualities.
- challeck edris

Great Crew... Friendly and Knowledgable

Legacy Roofing replaced our roof and siding. Job was done when they promised and on budget. They have a great crew over there, friendly and knowledgeable. We`ll call again for sure if we need more remodeling done.
- Mabel Hensler

Thank You Legacy Roofing!

Thank You Legacy Roofing for an excellent job. I was very happy with your in home presentation of my roofing problems and your solutions to them. No other company took the time to explain my roof to me like Legacy Roofing, your estimator, did. I will recommend your company to others.
- Felicia Garett

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Finally a roofing company that gets the job done and on time! They fixed a leak that nobody could.The prices are right and the job gets done quickly and cleanly. Thanks Legacy Roofing!
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The most important thing to me when choosing a roofing company was the costs and quality of service. I couldn`t be more satisfied with the final project. Thank you, Legacy Roofing!
- Laci Maurer