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03/06/2013 Newsletter Products Residential

Roofing Materials

replacement-cost-valueLegacy Roofing Materials are the best roofing materials in Colorado. We recommend that in Colorado you use a High Impact Resistant Shingle that protects from Hail Damage. Insurance companies know that these are resistant to future damage, therefor will discount your premiums according on your policy. Discounts on Home Owner Insurance can save up to 25-30% every year with class 4 rated roofing materials. Here is a list of popular Roofing Materials:

TImberline – 30 year, 40 year and Ultra
Royal Sovereign – 25 year 3Tab
Sentinel – 20 year 3 Tab
Grand Canyon
Grand Sequoia

Classic – 20 year
Supreme – 25 year
Glaslock – 25 year T-lock
Pro Series – 30 year
Weatherguard High Profile – 40 year
Woodcrest – 50 year
Woodmoore – Lifetime

Heritage – 30 year, 40 year and 50 year
Glass Seal – 20 year 3 Tab
Elite Glass Seal – 25 year 3 Tab


Landmark Series – 30 year, 40 year and 50 year
Landmark TL – Lifetime
Landmark TL IR – Lifetime
Presidential Shake TL – Lifetime
Presidential Shake AR – 50 year
Grand Manor – Lifetime
Carriage House – Lifetime
Independence Shangle – 50 year
Hatteras – 40 year

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03/03/2013 Home

Now Serving Georgia Storm Damage

Legacy Roofing is now serving Georgia Storm Damage. Legacy Roofing is a National Roofing Contractor that services full roof replacement due to natural catastrophes. Most community can be completely destroyed by wind speeds over 140 mph. Legacy Roofing provides local support to storm victims that have unlivable conditions. Local Churches provide shelter and are completely volunteered. Georgia Storm victims can find additional info at Legacy Roofing’s Georgia office is located in Acworth, Ga and is currently servicing Calhoun, Adairsville, Cartersville Storm Victims.
georgia emergency roof service
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    03/02/2013 Uncategorized

    Discount Roofing Denver

    ice and water shield, denver roofs
    Discount Roofing Denver
    Discount Roofing Systems in Denver by Legacy offers a variety of roofing options to complete your entire exterior project needs. Legacy Roofing sells first quality Gaf, Tamko, Owens Corning, Dimensional & 3-tab shingles. Legacy Roofing also sells High Impact Resistant Shingles that discount Denver Roofing Systems by 25-30%. Looking for Metal Roofing? Legacy Roofing has both 5-V Tin and 3

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    02/25/2013 Home

    Hip and Ridge Shingles in Colorado

    shingles colorado
    Hip and Ridge Shingles in Colorado are very popular upgrade to your roofing system. It creates the overall appearance and look of your Home. The cheapest hip and ridge shingles that are common in new build construction are 3 tab shingles cut by a laborer 1 at a time. Most laborers cutting three tab shingles on site can make easy mistakes of “uneven cuts” and normally hack the most important cuts. Legacy Roofing uses pre-manufactured hip/ ridge shingles to make your new roof system really make a statement in Colorado Roofing. Although, we do not recommend using three tab shingles for your hip and ridge, we will discount your roofing estimate to reflect the savings. Legacy Hip/ Ridge Shingles in Colorado recommend the Gaf Ridge Glass to reflect real curb appeal and give your new roof the final touch.
    Achieve a clean, consistent, finished look with Hip & Ridge cap shingles from Legacy Roofing. Self-sealing Hip and Ridge shingles in Colorado provide protection for vulnerable ridge lines that are damaged. Hip and Ridge shingles in Colorado are color formulated to complement a wide range of Legacy Hip/ Ridge shingles in Colorado, including an added shadow line to better enhance the overall aesthetics. Legacy Hip and Ridge shingles in Colorado offers curb appeal without sacrificing protection.

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    02/20/2013 Insurance Claims Town Home Community

    Roof Replacement Process

    Legacy Roofing: Roof Replacement Process Checklist

    Client Agreement: Signing of the contingency agreement with Legacy Roofing, LLC representative establishing our working relationship should your claim be approved by your insurance company.
    Call in Claim: Contact your insurance company to request that an adjuster come out to inspect your roof. If asked to provide a date of loss, (storm date) you may tell the insurance company that you have been informed of wind/ hail damage on your roof and would like an inspection but are unsure of the actual date of loss.
    Adjustment information: Your Insurance Company will contact you regarding the date of inspection (known as the adjustment). We recommend that the homeowner be available at the time of adjustment, but it is not required.
    Contact Legacy Representative: Please contact your Legacy Roofing representative with your adjustment date as soon as you receive this information. Your Legacy Roofing representative will meet with your adjuster to negotiate the claim on your behalf.
    Adjustment: If the adjuster on your roof approves you for full roof replacement, they will produce a cost estimate that itemizes the amount that they will pay on your claim. This paperwork will accompany your first (ACV) check. Legacy Roofing will use this paperwork to be sure that all damage is accounted for in the claim and that they have produced accurate measurements and diagrams. Should your claim be denied, we can request a re-inspection and usually get positive results.
    First Insurance Check: The first thing that you will receive is for Actual Cash Value of the existing roof, or “ACV”. If you are the only party named on the check, you may simply sign over the check to Legacy Roofing, and we can begin the process of ordering materials for your new roof. In most cases, however, your check will also name the mortgage company. If this is the case, DO NOT endorses the check. ?Instead, have your Legacy Roofing Representative overnight on your behalf to expedite Mortgage endorsement first! Legacy Roofing will provide all the necessary docs that mortgage companies require in their endorsement package. Contractor W-9’s, scope of work, estimates are examples of “some” of the docs mortgage requires before they endorse. MOST all mortgage lenders want to sit on your full ACV and dispense in thirds so they gain the benefit of interest on insurance company dollars. Legacy Roofing works for you as the homeowner that incurred the loss.
    Contact Legacy for Pick Up:? Upon receiving your insurance check, contact your Legacy Roofing representative and he/ she will pick up your personal check in the same amount of your insurance proceeds made out to Legacy Roofing.
    Materials Delivered: Once your check has been picked up, the necessary materials for your new roof will be purchased and you will be informed of the delivery date of those materials. The materials will be delivered directly to your rooftop where they will be stored out of the way until your roofing project is underway.
    Scheduled Date to Begin Project: Our office will contact you when your project has been scheduled and inform you of the date in which the work will take place on your home. We ask that on the day/ days that your project is scheduled to take place, please keep all driveways and walkways cleared so that access to your roof will be available for our crews and their equipment. Usually the entire re-roofing process only takes one day.
    Final Insurance Check: Upon completion of your project, Legacy Roofing will invoice your insurance company for the remaining cost of your roof replacement. This check will be for the recoverable depreciation value. This check will be the final check from the insurance company and as soon as you receive it, please contact your Legacy Roofing representative for pick up. You may also be responsible at this time, for you insurance deductible per the agreement you have made with Legacy Roofing. This will complete your roof replacement process.

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    01/16/2013 Insurance Claims Roofing Town Home Community

    Leaky Roofs in Colorado

    material used for roof valleys
    The Cold weather and Snow have brought

    leaky roofs in Colorado

    to Home Owners. Legacy Roofing provides free estimates and inspections to all customers. We have over 17 years experience in re roofing Colorado and have expanded in to commercial services. Most roof replacements are paid per homeowners insurance policy due to hail, wind and water related damage. Cold weather in Colorado can allow snow fall to sit and pond on Colorado Roofs for days and even sometimes weeks! We are asked by most current clients if it is possible for ?roofing to take place in Colorado during winter months? Yes, Of course! We actually seem to be busiest in Winter because of the amount of time Insurance and Mortgage Companies take to complete their process of the claim. During any major storm in Colorado and even Nationwide creates a overload of new claims for that region. Make sure to trust your local Colorado Roofing Company and not the guys “in town” for a couple weeks! Quality Customer Service is what seperates Legacy’s Integrity from the competitor. Please browse services page and contact us Today!

    Legacy finds leaky roofs in Colorado

    is asked if it is safe or “OK” to roof in Colorado Winters. Insurance Claims can take sometimes weeks / months process of completing their insurance claim through mortgage and insurance claims department. Home Owners finally get funds available to complete work specified per their claim. Yes!! It only has to be ?35 degrees or above for Legacy Roofing to install your new roof correctly. We are busiest during winters because of damage not resolved by summer storms. We offer multiple discounts to Veterans, Seniors, and Children Hospital Employees. We continue to be overwhelmed with client referrals and Thank You Colorado for allowing us to service your Leaky Roofs in Colorado.

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    12/18/2012 Town Home Community Uncategorized

    Apartment Building Roofing

    Thank You for choosing Legacy Roofing for estimates on Apartment Building Roofing. We have over 17 years of experience roofing large town homes and condo’s in Colorado. We provide estimates per total square foot of roof system. The pitch of the roof, step flashing, vents, ridge shingles are provided @ NO COST AT ALL!! Call Legacy Roofing Today
    100 Squares = NOW Only $ 27,700.00
    350 Squares = NOW Only $$87,500.00
    500 Squares and Above = NOW Only $ 105,000.00

    Legacy Roofing is Colorado’s Preferred Apartment Contractor

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      12/18/2012 Insurance Claims

      HOA TownHome Roofing Colorado

      HOA TownHome Roofing Colorado

      in Colorado have used Legacy Roofing to Service the Replacement of their roof systems on all buildings. Legacy Roofing has worked with multiple Home Owner Associations to Service their Insurance Claim. LakeWood Colorado experienced significant Roof Damage on 7/21/09. Their are still Town homes, Condo’s and Apartments that need full roof replacement. Legacy Roofing provides a detailed Cost Estimate that is competitive to Fair Market Value. Considering that their are multiple residents/ HomeOwners that HOA have to discuss what is best for budget. HOA Community can be on a strict budget to keep their community up keep. Legacy Roofing Will Provide Quality Products that go Above and Beyond Tradditional Building Code. Call Legacy Roofing To Service Toen Home Roofing in Colorado.
      You can read about the individual roofing materials we use and view some of our signature projects by browsing these sections, or you can contact Legacy right now to schedule an appointment to have one of our knowledgeable professionals to your home and evaluate the condition of your roof.
      Most Town Home Communities entire exterior are Insured by a Commercial Policy with the HOA. HOA is responsible for collecting dues and then providing Roof Service to the Exterior. Other common Trades are Gutters, Paint, and Siding. If you are concerned with the exterior condition of your property, Contact Your HOA or Legacy Roofing to inspect the condition of the roof. HOA TownHome Roofing in Colorado becomes a common service every 10 years.

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      09/12/2012 Roofing

      3 Most Popular Roofing Designs

      Although it is true that your roofing style will certainly not be the first thing you pick out when designing your home, it is undeniable that the design of your roof is extremely important to your home’s overall look and feel. Roofs come in a wide array of types and styles, and your roof of choice can dramatically change your home’s appeal; it can even make it look like a different home altogether. For that reason, you need to be considerate of the decisions you make when it comes to your roof’s design. Want to know some of your options? Here are the three most popular roofing designs:
      Gable roof. This is easily the most common type of roof. It is also the easiest to build. A gable roof is a simple structure created by adjoining two roof lines at an obtuse angle (think of a wide, upside-down V). For houses that are not square or rectangular in shape (L-shaped homes, for example), two or more gable roofs may converge. There a many benefits to having a gable roof; namely, water runs off easily and there is plenty of ventilation. This design may be applied to any type or style of home.
      A-frame roof. This style is very similar to the gable roof. It is basically the same thing, except the two roof lines are joined at a smaller angle, creating a more defined upside-down V shape (or, an A | hence the design’s name). The difference between an A-frame roof and a gable roof is that, with an A-frame roof, the roof also creates the walls of the home. Originally used solely in the design of cottages, the A-frame is now a popular roofing choice for houses of all types.
      Hip roof. Again, the gable roof may be considered the basis for this type of roof. The difference is that, with a hip roof, the ends (where you would normally see the upside-down V shape) are capped off at an angle, creating a triangle shape (with the point at the top). Hip roofs are appropriate for any style home, but are a little more difficult to construct than the previously mentioned roof types. They are not the best roof style for ventilation or water drainage; however, they are considered a higher-end roof, as they are more complex than many alternative styles.
      There is a lot to think about when it comes to caring for your roof. Experienced professionals can advise you on the best ways to maintain your roof. To put your roofing project into the hands of a contractor you can trust, contact Legacy Roofing. We can be reached by phone, at 720-541-5000, or by email:[email protected]

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      09/12/2012 Roofing

      How Much Should You Spend for a New Roof?

      If you are in the market for a new roof, then you already are asking “How Much should you spend for a new roof?” know that a new roof is a big expenditure. However, what you may not know is that the small choices you make here and there can dramatically impact your cost. How much should you spend for a new roof? Here are some things to consider:
      Roofing material. The type of roofing material you choose will have a great impact on the overall cost of your roof, as roofing materials vary drastically in price from one to the other. For example, asphalt shingles may cost you $75 a square foot, while slate can cost you upwards of $2000 a square foot.
      Other materials. In addition to the roofing material itself, there are other materials associated with the job of roofing that you will have to consider. The type and quality of underlayment, fasteners, flashing, starter strip, and more will determine part of the cost of your new roof. Be sure to ask your contractor about these materials, as well as for guidance on how to cut some costs in that area without undermining quality.
      Complexity of the job. Are you replacing an old roof? If that is the case, then you will have to either tear away the old to make way for the new, or install the new roof over the old. If you must remove an old roof first, you can count on having to spend more in labor costs. Also, consider the type and style of your roof. The more cuts, planes, and angles there are, the more you can expect to spend on your new roof. Additionally, if you need new ventilation, gutters, or other options, you will have to pay more for it. All of these things will be factored into the labor cost for the project. Therefore, when you get bids, make sure all of the job’s complexities are outlined thoroughly, and in plain language.
      Labor. When it comes to choosing a roofing contractor, it pays to shop around. If you do your homework, you will find that labor costs can vary greatly from contractor to contractor. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $350 per square foot for labor. While you should never use labor cost alone as the sole determining factor when choosing a contractor, you should definitely choose the lowest bid out of the contractors you deem to be worthy for the job.
      There is a lot to think about when it comes to caring for your roof. Experienced professionals can advise you on the best ways to maintain your roof. To put your roofing project into the hands of a contractor you can trust, contact Legacy Roofing. We can be reached by phone, at 720-541-5000, or by email:[email protected]