How To File A Roof Claim

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How to File a Roof Claim


Make sure to write down the date and time of the hail damage that resulted from this storm. If you were unable to take pictures to show the adjuster assigned to your claim, do a quick search online in your location to find news pictures of the hail that fell in your area. Save this information so you can show your insurance adjuster.


Contact Legacy Roofing for a free inspection and have us confirm the damage is from hail. When Legacy Roofing puts together the estimate, ensure we differentiate which damage is from wear and tear and which damage is from the recent hail storm. Also advise your Legacy Representative to inspect other items on your property that may have been damaged from the hail such as AC units, gutters, paint, windows, and screens. Choose Colorado’s Preferred Roofing Contractor with a good reputation in the event the company needs to return for additional work that needs to be completed. Ask if they are willing to be present when the insurance adjuster comes out to your home. We always have the HomeOwner’s Best interest during the inspection.

Investigate the specific policy and your state regulations to ensure that your insurance company covers code upgrades. It is prohibited in most states for an insurance company to cancel your policy due to severe weather-related events that lead to damages. There is no way to predict Natural Disaster, therefore we ensure we get the most out of your claim so this is not common the Insurance Company will revisit a claim for Roof Damage.

File the claim with your insurance company. When you call and speak with a representative, give them the date the damage occurred and offer to contact Legacy for pictures to send over as well as the estimates from the Legacy Roofing. The insurance company will still send someone out, but it helps that you are offering this information up front.

After you have filed the claim, Have your Legacy Rep meet with the adjuster at the scheduled time. If possible, have a representative from Legacy roofing come out to meet with the adjuster so they can compare notes. Once the adjuster has spoken with Legacy’s Contractor, they will provide you with the settlement amount at that time, or they may have to review the notes further.

Complete the work as soon as possible after your claim has been approved. If you are approved for the full amount, your insurance company will send you a check for that amount, less the deductible, so you can get the work done. Sometimes the insurance company may not approve the full amount and in this case, Legacy will need to dispute the settlement.

Cash in on any rewards or benefits Legacy is offering you. This could range from an advertising fee to place a yard sign on your property, or you could receive a referral fee from sending the company additional customers. It is vital that you understand the difference between working directly with the contractor for these benefits and receiving rebates and kickbacks. It is illegal to receive rebates and kickbacks and not pay deductibles.

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