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07/23/2011 Roofing

Lakewood Roof Repair

Residential and commercial roofing services in Lakewood Colorado:

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Interior damage caused by Roof Leaks in Lakewood

Most homeowners do not notice or recognize roof damage until interior leaks are noticeable on their ceiling’s. Considering Ceilings are not the number #1 thing homeowners notice after a long day of work. You will notice warped drywall from roof leaks or yellow stains. The roof damage has probably been an issue at this point for multiple years, Now Homeowners are forced to pay out of pocket for damages not covered by their Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

What does my Insurance Cover?

Most Homeowners Insurance will cover the cost of the repairs for your damaged roof and interior drywall. Homeowner’s Insurance can be very confusing and include a lot of fine print. Major Insurance companies will add a clause that does not allow up to date building code upgrades. We, at Legacy Roofing, specialize in assuring that Insurance Adjuster covers the cost of building code upgrades

Lakewood Colorado Roofing

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