storm damage repair

Storm Damage Repairs

hail damage in colorado

Residential Storm Damage is very common across the USA, including right here in Colorado; due to all of the variations of weather conditions we experience. Damage can be due to snow, ice, rain, hail, tornadoes and high winds. These storms will cause siding, window, gutter and roof damage, to name a few. Legacy Roofing specializes in services related to these issues, everything from roof replacement to interior painting and drywall repairs from water damage that can be the result of a leaking roof.

Storm Damage caused by Hail

We service more homes with roof damage caused by hail than any other type of damage. The main reason for this is that Colorado experiences some very intense hail storms that result in multiple shingles with hail bruising. There are billions of dollars each year claimed through insurance companies for roof replacements due to hail storms and the damage they cause. For example, July, 2011 Hail Storms in Denver, CO caused over 15,000 homes that required complete roof replacement. A roof is considered totaled when 8-10 hail bruises are recognized per 10′ x 10′ square.

Windows and Siding Storm Damage

Windows and Siding are the #2 major home repair when it comes to major damage caused by storms. We have everything covered when it comes to window and trim replacement and repair, as well as siding replacement caused by large hail. Be sure to have your insurance adjuster walk your entire proprty after the hail/wind storm to account for any window and siding damage.
Legacy Siding, (NOW 20% discount during 03/2012) Legacy Roofing has repaired and satisfied hundreds of residential homes with siding damage. Siding damage is often paid for through your Home Owner’s Insurance Policy. Most insurance adjusters will walk the perimeter of your property for any storm related damage caused by wind/ hail. Legacy Roofing typically prices siding repair at or below market rate when it is approved as additional work to the roof. We work directly with the manufacturer to pass on “dealer” pricing. Our siding installers are company employees dedicated to Legacy values and ethics. Call a local Legacy Representative Today!

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What to know about Residential Roof Damage

Learn about our insurance claim services.

Tips to Filing a Roof Insurance Claim

Tragedy has struck you and your family in an indescribable way. What do you do now? Where do you go? Do not panic! Your Homeowner insurance claim is one of the many ways you can get help. When you file that claim though, be informed. The following guidelines will help you in the event of any Storm Damage caused by Hail & Wind Damage, prepare yourself before disaster strikes.

  1. Know your coverage | Many people feel that their insurance company may have pulled a fast one on them when their claim is denied. A simple way to avoid this is to know your coverage. Get out that brochure that your insurance agent gave you when you signed your contract. Cannot find it? Call your insurance company and ask them to send you another one, and read it from beginning to end.
  2. Know the amount of your deductible | When you sign a contract with your insurance company, you agree to a deductible, a basic amount to be deducted from the amount claimed. Example: If your damages total $10,500.00 and your deductible is $1000,00 the insurance company will give you $9,500.00 and you will have to absorb the remaining $1000.00.
  3. Request it all in writing | Make sure you receive any and all estimates of damage or destruction in writing. This provides you with proof of damage when it comes time to file the Wind/Hail insurance claim. Also be sure to request written estimates of repairs and/or replacement as well.
  4. Sign nothing yet! | Before you sign anything, ask lots of questions, inform yourself, read the small print, and fully understand the document to be signed. You do not have to blindly accept the insurance company’s assessment of damage | get your own estimates in order to compare them with the insurance company’s estimates.
  5. Gather all necessary information | Confirm with your insurance company the requirements for filing a Hail/Wind insurance claim. Below is the standard necessary information needed:
    • Date of loss
    • Type of claim (loss) i.e Hail
    • Location of damage
    • Detailed list of any injuries incurred
    • Full condition of home
    • Complete list of all damages
    • All estimates for repair or replacement

6. Keep everything | In order for your claim to be processed as smoothly as possible, call the insurance company as soon as possible, and keep all documents relating to the incident, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Do not get rid of anything until the insurance company has sent a representative to assess the damage.

colorado wind damage

Many insurance companies will pay for temporary housing should your home be so damaged that you cannot live in it. Call them, or refer to your documentation to find out whether this is a possible provision in your case.

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