Leaky Roofs in Colorado

material used for roof valleys

The Cold weather and Snow have brought

leaky roofs in Colorado

to Home Owners. Legacy Roofing provides free estimates and inspections to all customers. We have over 17 years experience in re roofing Colorado and have expanded in to commercial services. Most roof replacements are paid per homeowners insurance policy due to hail, wind and water related damage. Cold weather in Colorado can allow snow fall to sit and pond on Colorado Roofs for days and even sometimes weeks! We are asked by most current clients if it is possible for ?roofing to take place in Colorado during winter months? Yes, Of course! We actually seem to be busiest in Winter because of the amount of time Insurance and Mortgage Companies take to complete their process of the claim. During any major storm in Colorado and even Nationwide creates a overload of new claims for that region. Make sure to trust your local Colorado Roofing Company and not the guys “in town” for a couple weeks! Quality Customer Service is what seperates Legacy’s Integrity from the competitor. Please browse services page and contact us Today!


Legacy finds leaky roofs in Colorado

is asked if it is safe or “OK” to roof in Colorado Winters. Insurance Claims can take sometimes weeks / months process of completing their insurance claim through mortgage and insurance claims department. Home Owners finally get funds available to complete work specified per their claim. Yes!! It only has to be ?35 degrees or above for Legacy Roofing to install your new roof correctly. We are busiest during winters because of damage not resolved by summer storms. We offer multiple discounts to Veterans, Seniors, and Children Hospital Employees. We continue to be overwhelmed with client referrals and Thank You Colorado for allowing us to service your Leaky Roofs in Colorado.

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