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Asphalt Shingles

Legacy Roofing is a locally owned and operated roofing company specializing in Asphalt shingles repair and replacement in Colorado.

asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are a reliable roof covering material that is available in many styles, shapes and colors. Architectural shingle types – such as laminates – are rapidly gaining in popularity. Asphalt shingles are suitable for most residential applications. In fact, industry estimates show approximately 80% of the total residential roofs are covered with asphalt shingles. Properly installed asphalt shingles will not only effectively shed water off the roof, they will enhance the beauty, character and value of your home. Lastly, asphalt shingles are backed by a warranty typically ranging from 20 years to Lifetime. Dimensional asphalt shingles are provided by multiple manufacturer’s that offer the same product specifications. Legacy Roofing has built relationships with all Denver Roofing Supply Companies to satisfy our clients with the Best Roofing Deal on Asphalt Shingles.

Install Asphalt Shingles in Colorado

Make sure you begin with the proper underlayment and roof edging. Legacy Roofing Roofing’s Brand Name is well known for Only installing the highest Quality Roofing Materials. There are many manufacturer’s that create the same 15lb Roofing Felt, but cut corners to give cheaper pricing. The long run will always result in Product Failure especially in Colorado’s Extreme Weather Changes They’re critical elements for a waterproof roof.

When Legacy Roofing pulls your building permit and safely stripped the roof clean, we nail drip edge flashing flush along the eave and rakes. This is required in most cities and counties in Colorado.

Best Asphalt Shingles on the Market

Hail and Wind storms can damage the granule of the asphalt shingles causing bruising. Colorado Storms force water up and under even properly installed shingles. What becomes very concerning to the property owner is when ice dams (frozen water/snow that builds up on roof edges), allow water to seep up under lower shingles and then drip into your house. Colorado Building Code now Requires an Ice and Water Barrier to protect from such build up and damage.

15lb Roofing felt is what “dries in” your sheathing/ decking of your roof system . Each layer overlaps the lower one by at least 2 in. After felt is rolled out and properly installed by Denver’s Preferred Roofing Contractor.

asphalt shingles

Legacy Roofing finds the center of the roof at the top and the eave, then snap a vertical chalk line. We use this line to begin shingling, working left and right toward the rakes. Legacy’s recommends installing Asphalt Shingling at the left rake edge, but we do always check package instructions per the asphalt shingle manufacturer.

Asphalt Shingles

For the first row of asphalt shingles, we use starter strip and apply them with the self-sealing adhesive strip facing up along the eave. Make sure this row has a slight overhang (1/4 to 3/8 in.) beyond the drip edge. The starter course protects the roof by filling in the spaces under the cutouts and joints of the next row (first course) of shingles. The adhesive on the asphalt shingle starter course seals the perimeter of your new roof.

Last step is to nail the asphalt shingles directly on top of and flush with the starter strip. We use 6, 1 1/4 in roofing nails per shingle. Package instructions say to install six nails in high-wind areas, so we do it on every roof. Once this course is laid, you can begin snapping horizontal chalk lines up the roof to ensure straight rows. Make sure to expose 5 in. of the asphault shingle tabs where the bottom edge of the tab meets the top of the cutout.

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