Shingle Repair

Shingle Repair is different from Roof Replacement. When a roof is damaged by hail or storms and there are more than 8-10 bruises (knicks, dings, breaks etc) the insurance company will deem the roof as totalled and pay for the roof to be replaced through an insurance claim. If your roof has less than 8-10 Bruises, the insurance company is likely to only give you enough money to cover the cost of having only those specific damaged shingles replaced. This is a service we can offer in a very timely and cost efficient manner.

Composition Shingle Repair

Composition Shingles are the most common shingle used on residential homes due to cost efficiency, as well as they are very easy to get and work with.

Tile Shingle Repair

Tile Shingles are are more popular shingle used on higher end homes, like the ones in Castle Pines or Cherry Hills. There are still many homes that use Tile shingles as they are very aesthetically appealing and have a very durable and strong finish to them, although they are usually more costly than composition shingles.

Presidential TL Shingle Repair

Presidential TL Shingles are the most beautiful Lifetime Roof System in the industry today. Most Homeowners that are replacing their existing Wood/ Cedar Shake Roof will replace with a presidential TL shingle. They have a lifetime/ 50 year Manufacturer’s Warranty and is backed by 2 year workmanship warranty. You also will receive yearly discounts on your Homeowners Insurance because of the impact resistant material.

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