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Experienced Roofers

Salary Yearly

Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Fort Collins, Arvada, Pueblo, Westminster, Longmont, Littleton, Englewood, Highlands Ranch

Growing Commercial Roofing Company seeking experienced roofers with background in all commercial roof systems. Opportunity for advancement, competitive wages and benefits.

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Sales Associate

commission or salary option
Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Fort Collins, Arvada, Pueblo, Westminster, Longmont, Littleton, Englewood, Highlands Ranch
This is a sales associate position. The qualified rep must have great people skills, reliable transportation, and not afraid of heights or climbing up ladders. This position is salary based. Please apply here.

Job Application

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Now Hiring Colorado Roofer, 100k per Year

2-3k per week
Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Fort Collins, Arvada, Pueblo, Westminster, Longmont, Littleton, Englewood, Highlands Ranch
In this position you will meet sales objectives to grow the profitability of Legacy Roofing, LLC. The sales representative provides estimates, implements marketing plans, meets sales objectives, and ensures that customers are receiving the best service and solutions from Legacy Roofing, LLC. Industry experience is not required, but big-ticket or in-home sales experience is preferred. Legacy Roofing, LLC provides paid, in-depth product training. Ongoing sales training is provided. Qualifications: Proven record of success and 5+ years experience in sales or customer service Validated successful sales performance in previous position Proven sales success and in a customer-oriented company Motivated to meet deadlines and exceed sales quotas A proven effective record of client prospecting, presentation, and account management (follow-up) Strong interpersonal, negotiating, analytical, and closing skills Excellent time management and able to work effectively without close supervision Strong work ethic, integrity and professionalism Excellent communication, planning, and organizational skills High energy level, high degree of self-motivation, cheerful, positive attitude Ability to climb onto roofs and determine accurate measurements Proficient with MS Office applications A valid driver’s license and a clean driving record

Job Application

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Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing Repair and Installation in Denver, Colorado

Whether you require another roof or a repair because of age, issues, or just to keep a redesigned look to your home, Legacy Roofing and Construction can offer an excellent completed item that would pass any investigation and all inside of your financial plan. We never cut corners and dependably remember our customers’ wellbeing. Since we have extended experience in residential roofing, we can answer any inquiries and offer you some assistance with deciding what sort of roof would best suit your requirements. A residential roof that is harmed by climate or requires substitution can bring about higher energy bills, leaking, ceiling/interior wall damage, and even hazards to your family. Allowing a damaged roof to go without repair or replacement can compromise the integrity and structure of the other components of your roof, some of the most integral parts. Once we assess your needs, and there are never any unnecessary repairs recommended, we will provide you with many options to choose from, all varying in price and dependent upon your needs.

Check with other contractors and then call us so we can prove that we are not only the best, but one of the most affordable.

Call Legacy Roofing and Construction for all of your residential roofing needs! Below are just a few of the roofing services we offer.

• Roofing Inspections
• Storm Damage Repair
• Roofing Replacement
• Complete Tear Offs
• Hail Damage Repair
• Shingle Replacement
• Roofing Repair
• New Construction

We can skillfully provide you with a candid assessment regarding the condition of your roof, answer any questions you may have, and discuss your options. Call Legacy Roofing and Construction to put a solid roof back over your head!

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Hail Damage Repair

Hail Damage repair is the main reason why 68% of roofs are repaired in Colorado. Even pea sized hail will cause a dark area where the grains orgranules of the shingle have been knocked off and the base of the shingle is exposed. Recent hail impacts have a shiny look because the base material has been freshly exposed, eventually the “bruised” area will become weathered. Legacy provides hail damage repair or replacement estimate‘s at no cost.

Colorado Hail Damage Repair

How does hail damage affect my roof? Hail damage to asphalt shingles includes severe granule loss, material removal at the edges of the shingles and penetration. New asphalt shingles are more resistant to hail impact than older shingles since the asphalt becomes more brittle with age. Warmer shingles are more compliant and more resistant to fracture from hail when compared with colder shingles. Shingles rely on a structurally sound substrate for hail damage resistance. Flexible roof sheathing allows the shingles to flex during impact causing damage, while more rigid roof sheathing supports the shingle during impact resulting in less shingle damage.

colorado hail damage

Hail Damage Repair Insurance claim specialists

Most hail damage repair related damage is cosmetic and does not affect the useful life of roof shingles. In other cases severe wood splitting, significant granule loss, penetration of the shingle and fracture may require roof replacement .

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08/26/2020 Gutters Residential

Gutter Repair

Fascia, Soffit, and Gutter Repair

The most well-known issue with gutters is keeping them spotless and free of leaves and trash. In any case, once in a while the issues require repair. Much of the time gutter end tops, mitered corners, or different parts of seamed gutter areas will spill. Once in a while a gutter is hanging off or the pioneers and segments of the pioneer get together will turn out to be free, ousted, or totally tumble off, obliging them to be re-hung, repaired or supplanted out and out.
Repairs are regularly expected to keep your gutters in legitimate working request. Don’t let gutter repairs go unresolved since degraded or missing guttering can cause serious damage by allowing water to get into your basement and crawl spaces. Water will ruin fascia boards and siding and can cause foundation problems.

Legacy Roofing and Construction can help with gutter repairs:

We repair loose gutters that have become overloaded by debris or nails working loose from the fascia board.
Gutter re-attachment can be as minor as replacing gutter nails and substituting hangers.  However, the fascia may be rotting causing the gutter nails or hangers to be loose.  In this case we will need to remove the guttering, install new fascia, cap the fascia with aluminum and reinstall the gutter.
Sometimes downspouts have been slackened or blown down from high winds and tempest harm. Downspouts are the vertical pipes that join to the even gutter racing to the ground. Downspouts gather the depleting water and direct it far from the establishment. Downspouts might loosen up or separate from the gutter outlet or between segments. At the point when harmed they ought to be repaired rapidly to maintain a strategic distance from broad harm to the establishment. We will repair, refasten and stay them as vital. We can likewise introduce ELBOWS at the base of the downspout and introduce an EXTENSION to the base elbow. Broadened gushes take into consideration better waste and will divert the water off your rooftop and far from your home, keeping water from pooling close to the base of your home.
Our gutter repair specialists can supplant harmed elbows and cross segments of pioneers and can add LEADER EXTENSIONS to guarantee water moves far from establishment ranges. We can supplant the LEADER HEAD, which is the container like leader of the downspout associated with the gutter. Our repair professionals can likewise introduce additional parts including end tops, outlets and straps or they can add more backing to the whole gutter framework guaranteeing that the gutters and pioneers are appropriately secured. We can introduce or supplant the L molded overwhelming obligation bit of metal called a DRIP EDGE that goes up under the shingles and down into the gutter to keep squirrels and different creatures from getting into the storage room.
Standing water or water pooling in gutters is typically the consequence of shamefully introduced gutters that don’t pitch enough so that the water streams towards the downspouts. It can likewise be the consequence of hanging gutters.
Our repair experts will check the incline and alter and re-pitch the gutters appropriately in light of the fact that dishonorable waste because of poor pitch is one of the greatest reasons for rooftop seepage issues.
Re-fixing gutter creases is a standout amongst the most widely recognized gutter repairs. Spilling creases can happen when the caulking weakens in light of UV daylight harm, from overabundance flotsam and jetsam in the gutters or from ice development or ice dams. We will clean and sand the territory and apply gutter sealant. You might likewise encounter spills around the downspouts and/or the joints of sectional guttering. This is for the most part brought about by inadequately fitted associations. Our team will reconnect if conceivable and caulk with a high review of silicone caulk.
A improperly functioning gutter and pioneer framework can add to water and ice moving down against sashes, making harm the belt sheets and soffits. Sash board is a level board that is nailed to the end of the rafters, over the rooftop edge. The sash encases the rooftop overhang under the eave that keeps running along the rooftop edge. The gutters are appended to the belt board.
From the beginning it might give the idea that the belt loads up and soffits simply require another layer of paint however here and there the heaviness of the gutters or flotsam and jetsam can bring about the nails to in the end haul out. The gutter can tilt and cause an open space in the middle of itself and the sash board. Dilute then goes the belt board and spreads along the soffit. Water won’t just harm the belt board it can likewise fall along the establishment or spread into the roof. Upon close review of the wood it will get to be clear that it’s unrecoverable and should be supplanted.
Our gutter repair specialists will pry off the belt board along the eave and wipe out any flotsam and jetsam behind it. They will uproot the blazing and supplant any under-soffit plywood. Any spoiling, light, fragile or disintegrating sheets are evacuated. New blazing, belt sheets and soffit vents are then introduced.
Soffit vents are the rectangular vents on the underside of the soffit. They’re generally made of vinyl or aluminum and they are secured with a nylon work or mesh to avert honey bees, and so forth from taking up home in your upper room. Ignored soffits can be a shelter for little creatures, creepy crawlies, and decay that can make issues in the general structure of the house.
We offer an assortment of soffit sorts including plywood, vinyl, or aluminum or we can coordinate the old soffit with tongue-and-notch beaded board. Legacy Roofing and Constructions can supplant existing materials to shield your home from the components or we can change your home with new belts and soffits to enhance its appearance and worth.
Most gutter repairs are determined without an issue if the harm is limited and spotted early. There are various components included in deciding the cost of repairs. has experienced and trained crews who can provide most types of gutter repair services. Whether you have a little gap in your vinyl, aluminum, or copper seepage component that should be fixed or if your downspout or gutter is obstructed, broken or separated, call Legacy Roofing and Construction. On the off chance that you have a hanging gutter or your repair comprises of reinstalling snares or holders, re-riveting and caulking creases, or in the event that you have critical harm that should be supplanted CALL US at (720) 682-2388.

If you notice ANY problems with your gutters it is important to call promptly so that we can assess the damage quickly to avoid significant and costly damage.  Taking the time to maintain your gutters can double the life of your drainage system.  Most importantly, due to the location of gutters, extreme caution must be taken when carrying out repairs so call Legacy Roofing and Construction and leave all your gutter repair needs to the PROFESSIONALS.

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Now Hiring Canvassers

Read More 2017 greeley Hailstorm
05/08/2017 Hail Storms

2017 Greeley / North Colorado Hail Storm

Hail storm in Greeley on May 8th, 2017.

Greeley and Windsor CO hit hard by hail storm, and all of Weld County on 5/8/17. Golfball to baseball sized hail was reported throughout Weld County, along with some flooding and high wind damage to roofs and siding. The two major storms arrived at 2:30pm in Wellington, about 7 miles north of Fort Collins. The storm that moved across western Weld county was rain and large hail. Between 4 and 8 p.m., many streets in Windsor had to be closed down because of flooding.

Greeley Hailstorm

greeley hail storm 2017
Storms with lightning and hail damage are a part of life in Colorado. Legacy Roofing can be counted on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at Most Customers receive a friendly knowledgeable Insurance claim specialist in the first hour of contact with Legacy office. Our clients know that with over 17 Years Industry Experience, our office staff will treat every Residential/Commercial project with Quality Roofing Products~Above and beyond customer Service~ And of course taking pride in the Integrity of our Business Ethics.

Our Lighting and Hail Damage Services

Insurance professionals, Homeowners, and Property managers have been relying on Legacy Roofing to replace their storm damage property back to normal. Emergency Storm Damage services include:

  • Hail Damage Repair
  • Window Screen Repair
  • Sliding Doors
  • Siding
  • Painting
  • Tree Removal
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Snow Removal

Have any questions about Lighting and Hail Damage?

Contact us by filling out the lightning and hail damage form below. Our staff is available to answer any and all questions you have regarding your roof.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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05/08/2017 Hail Damage

Westminster Roof Repair – May 8th, 2017 Hail Storm

Hailstorm Hits Westminster on May 8th, 2017

A hailstorm leaves destruction for a Westminster Roof Colorado on May 8th, 2017. Call Legacy Roofing for a Free Westminster Roof Hail Damage Repair estimate – 720-541-5000.

Most Westminster Roof homeowners do not notice or recognize roof damage until interior leaks are noticeable on their ceiling’s. Considering Ceilings are not the number #1 thing homeowners notice after a long day of work. You will notice warped drywall from roof leaks or yellow stains. The roof damage has probably been an issue at this point for multiple years, Now Homeowners are forced to pay out of pocket for damages not covered by their Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Hail Insurance Westminster CO

Homeowners Insurance will cover the cost of the repairs for your damaged Westminster Roof and interior drywall. Homeowner’s Insurance can be very confusing and include a lot of fine print. Major Insurance companies will add a clause that does not allow up to date building code upgrades. We, at Legacy Roofing, specialize in assuring that Insurance Adjuster covers the cost of building code upgrades.
Westminster Hail Damage Repair (720) 682-2388

Westminster Roof Replacement

Do you have roof damage and live in Westminster, CO? Permits in Westminster are required to reroof the house. HOA regulated communities like in Westminster neighborhoods such as 80030, 80031, 80035, and 80036 require you to purchase a permit and do require mid-roof inspection and Final inspection from a building inspector. Check on it with your city’s code enforcement department. Also, check with your homeowners’ association for approval of New Shingle Color’s
The dumpster to haul & dispose existing shingles are parked in Driveway until work is complete. All landfills charge for dumping hazardous materials and many recyclers require a handling fee. We handle this per Westminster Roof Insurance Claim.
Material Purchase is made when product/ color has been determined and 1st check (ACV) is collected. Other necessary materials may include new siding, window’s, gutters, and fences. Insurance Claims specify what work was damaged from a Westminster Hail Storm.

Westminster Roof Hail Storm Damage

Roofing in Westminster has been very consistent since the southlands storm in 2009. Legacy Roofing is the trusted name for Westminster Roof Contractors. We are a locally owned and operated company that specializes in residential roofing replacements and repairs. We take pride in helping Westminster residents get their lives back on track with our fast and professional roofing services, and we have installed thousands of roofs all over Colorado. Our expert staff of roofers and contractors have years of experience working on everything from roofing and gutters to siding, painting, windows and much more.

Westminster Roof Repair from 2017 Hail Storm

Legacy Roofing provides a lot of different options from shingle manufacturer’s, colors, permits, reroof time frame, and lots more. Legacy Roofing is a trusted household name well know for Westminster Hail Storm Roof Repair.
A good roofing contractors really matters when shopping for the best roofing options. Legacy Roofing staff has serviced and roofed over 350 homes in Westminster, Co. We have a good household name with the best in Quality Customer Service. Legacy Roofing in Westminster has 7 Legacy Insurance Claim Reps that have helped friends, family, and neighbors. Our work ethic and dedication to our Legacy in the roofing industry has set us apart from all other competitors. We have roofed Apartments in Westminster, Townhomes, Commercial Flat Roofs, and much much more exterior repair.

Westminster roof repair
Another Satisfied Roof Customer from Westminster, Colorado

Westminster Roof Hail Damage Repair

How does hail damage affect my Westminster roof? Hail damage to asphalt shingles includes severe granule loss, material removal at the edges of the shingles and penetration. New asphalt shingles are more resistant to hail impact than older shingles since the asphalt becomes more brittle with age. Warmer shingles are more compliant and more resistant to fracture from hail when compared with colder shingles. Shingles rely on a structurally sound substrate for hail damage resistance. Flexible roof sheathing allows the shingles to flex during impact causing damage, while more rigid roof sheathing supports the shingle during impact resulting in less shingle damage.

Roofing Westminster Colorado Insurance Claim

Fill out this online roof repair form for a free Westminster roof damage estimate

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12/09/2013 Home improvement

Improving your Home with Drywall

Improve or repair your home using drywall. To drywall a home for repair is easier said than done; however, it is never as difficult as some lead you to believe. When you start to drywall for home improvement, you must follow a few straightforward steps. As for tools, you will need a Putty Trial, Tray, sandpaper, and joint putty, scraper, hammer, paint, thinner, patches, plaster, and a few other items to finish the task. Of course, it depends on the size of the area as to what exact tools and materials are needed.
You will need sandpaper, since you start the drywall procedure by sanding down the walls and removing any lumps. You should sand until you see clear white area. You will need a cloth to finish the procedure by wiping down the wall removing any drywall dust.
Plaster comes in handy if there are holes in the wall, thus use the putty trial and scraper to apply the joint putty to fill in the holes and patch if applicable. From time to time, a second coating of plaster is required, thus repeat the course of action until the hole is filled and scraped down to smoothness. You will need to sand the plaster when it is dry.
Never start to drywall until you have sanded down the area, smoothed out the surface, and have washed the wall, freeing the area of any dust. Furthermore, make sure the region is dry previous to sandpapering the area. Start the drywall modus operandi by following the systematic steps provided to you in the kit purchased, and not until you have a clear smooth area.
You need to ensure that you avoid simple mistakes when planning and putting up drywall. Install the ceiling drywall before installing any walls. Work from top (ceiling) to bottom (floor). Try to run the drywall sheets perpendicular to the framing and mark joint locations so they are easier to find. If you can mark the stud locations on the ceiling and floor, do it so it is easier to fasten the drywall sheets. Check the plans for provisions for insulation, ventilation, moisture control and wiring prior to using drywall. Use dry wall nails or screws and cover the wallboard tape with compound. Make certain that you sand the drywall compound to ensure a smooth finish. If not sanded correctly, the bumps will show twofold when you apply paint. Most importantly, do not apply the drywall with the wrong side exposed.
After adding the drywall for home improvement, you are ready to paint. Thus, choosing the paint and brushes appropriate for the job will help you receive a grand effect. Paint the base line area before relocating any furniture in the home. Allow the paint to dry and touch up by re-arranging the furniture, curtains, etc.
Dry walling is not difficult and does not require a lot of technical skill, rather it is time consumingÖ
If your walls are in serious need of construction you might want to consider other options rather than dry walling and painting the area. Sometimes you merely cover areas that are deteriorating by adding new lining, paneling, covering, etc. Thus, checking into additional options might benefit you while saving you money and time.
Sometimes you can get away with repairs rather than entire makeovers. The walls are layered, thus a bit of plaster or spackle and other tools and materials could dress of the area. If you have rotted area, again you may want to consider other options, or else hire a drywall contractor expert to repair the home.
Sometimes you simply cannot get away with home improvement by doing it yourself. At times, you may need assistance, thus preventing deterioration is critical to save you money.
If you notice areas of the home that are starting to show wear, by taking care of the problem now will save you heartache later. The repairs are easier than entire improvements, thus repairs are also cheaper.
If you have dents, cracks or holes in the walls, buy a plastering or spackling kit and follow the instructions to repair the problem now rather than allow it to linger.
For repairs you will need paintbrushes, knives, spackle, latex bonding liquid, paint, patching plaster, sandpaper, fiberglass wallboard tape, and that about sums it up. For holes, you cover the area with the wallboard tape and then spackle to make the tape stick.
After the spackle is applied, using your sandpaper sand the area repaired until it is smooth. If you notice peeling, paint or loose plaster around the area, use your scraper to remove or clear up the area. After the spackle starts to dry and is sanded, add a second coating to cover the hole entirely. Again, sand and prime the patched area. Finally, you are ready to paint.
See how easy that was. Now, if you allow it to set without attention you will be doing a lot more work later and probably paying out a lot more money. You can use spackle to fix dents and cracks in the walls as well. Plaster or spackle will cover nail holes or holes made from screws. These home repair materials are affordable, thus cover now and save later.