Colorado Siding Experts

Legacy Siding Experts has repaired and satisfied over 100 Residential Homes withSiding Damage. Colorado Siding Damage is often paid for through Home Owners Insurance Policies. MostInsurance […]

Legacy Siding

Legacy Siding, (NOW 20% discount during 03/2012) Legacy Roofing has repaired and satisfied over 100 Residential Homes with Siding Damage. Siding Damage is often paid for […]

Legacy Fence Repair

Colorado Fence Repair Company Legacy Roofing specializes in Colorado Fence Repair and has expanded it’s services in to the complete resoration of all exterior Home Repair. […]
colorado basement finish

Basement Finish

We here at Legacy have the tools and resources need for even the largest Basement Finish. Other basement jobs including but not limited to remodels, repairs, […]

Flat Roofs

Flat Roof systems are the most common style roof used for commercial and business properties. They are also one of the most expensive and difficult roofing […]

Shingle Repair

Shingle Repair is different from Roof Replacement. When a roof is damaged by hail or storms and there are more than 8-10 bruises (knicks, dings, breaks […]

Residential Storm Damage


Seamless Gutters

Roofing and seamless gutters often wear out at the same time. Whenever possible, it is better to replace the roof and gutter at the same time. […]
residential roof damage

Residential Roof Damage

What to know about Residential Roof Damage Learn about our insurance claim services. Tips to Filing a Roof Insurance Claim Tragedy has struck you and your […]