Roofing Materials Explained

Are you in the process of making choices for your new roof, and pulling out your hair over the myriad options? If so, then you could […]

The Best Way to Keep Your Roof Clean

Everyone loves the idea of having a maintenance-free roof, and many roofing manufacturers aim to meet that need by offering products that are as low-maintenance as […]

Garage flat roof

Whether you have an old garage flat roof or if you construct a new one you should take into consideration the quality and the type of […]

Tornadoes in Castle Pines

Often being the largest opening on most homes, the garage door is usually the most vulnerable to failure under high wind pressure such as hurricanes, tornadoes […]

High Lands Ranch Colorado Roofing Claims

Highlands Ranch Colorado experienced tons of Hail Damage being covered by Insurance. Legacy Roofing dedicates itself to high Quality Roofing Projects by providing the up most […]

Service to Exterior Hail Damage

Colorado Roofing Services Our services include Roof and Shingle repair and replacement, Gutters, Siding, Exterior and Interior Painting and Window Replacement that have been damaged from […]

Colorado Presidential Shingle, Pinery Co

Legacy Roofing Now Taking off 10 of any Competitor Pricing in Parker , Colorado. It is sometimes very important that Homeowners wait out the “storm Chasers” […]

Parker Roof Replacement

Permits in Parker are required to reroof the house. HOA regulated communities like Canteberry, Black Bear, Stonegate require you to purchase a permit and do require […]

Castle Pines North Hail Damage

Castle Pines North Received 1 inch Hail Damage in June. Most Roofing Companies were soliciting without being permitted to do so with the City. Legacy is […]