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12/03/2013 Siding

Aurora Siding Replacement

Shielding your home from the harsh Colorado winters, as well as the powerful sun found at the higher altitude, is your first concern when you seek out new siding, and this is why you should consider Legacy Roofing Home Improvements to provide you with several siding options. When you choose the right siding, you can enjoy the affordability, insulation, and low maintenance characteristics that it provides.

Aurora Colorado Siding Repair

Because the weather in Aurora can be quite harsh, you may want to consider something besides vinyl. Vinyl will work just fine in the warmer months, but the freezing temperatures and biting winds could cause it to crack and splinter. In addition the hail storms of 2009 caused massive damage to homes with vinyl siding, leaving many homeowners paying out of pocket for the repairs.
Many choose to install fiber cement siding nowadays because it will stand up to the elements while also remaining beautiful for several years. Fiber siding is also hail proof, preventing annual repairs and further costs. Its durability makes it a great choice for any home or business.
Legacy Roofing siding can be crafted to match your current siding or you can choose some that has the appearance of real wood. While cedar siding is beautiful, it’s not the obvious choice in Aurora due to the higher cost and additional maintenance requirements. However, if you do choose the real cedar for even some of your siding, we can install it with an excellent weather seal so you can enjoy it longer.
Every home is different and homeowners all have different expectations which is why Legacy Roofing offers such a variety of solutions for your siding needs. The climate in Aurora can be quite different from other parts of Colorado and the architecture of the homes also varies, making it important to choose a Colorado company that understands the needs of every individual homeowner.
Call us today for a free no obligation quote. Our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions about replacing or adding siding to your home, and they are ready to begin helping you make key decisions on your purchase. We can’t wait to start working with you on your home improvement investment!

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Garage flat roof

low slope roof systemWhether you have an old garage flat roof or if you construct a new one you should take into consideration the quality and the type of roof that you choose for your garage. You might encounter problems with a home inspector if you don’t have an adequate roof for your garage. He may cite your garage. And of course you want to make sure you have a stable and reliable roof that can face a massive rainfall.
A flat roof with sagged joists allows rainwater to pool at the center, rather than draining toward the roof edges. This is a common problem and it affects nearly all the so-called flat roofs. Having an insufficient roof slope promotes standing pools of rainwater and this increases the likelihood of leakage as the roof becomes older.
Roof drains should be installed at each low point of the roof. Since the roof joists have sagged it seems that they were not designed to support accumulated water. Therefore if you can add drains at the lower points of the roof it could prolong the life of your roof.
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